Dr. Henrique Radwanski

Pilos is the first specialized center for hair restoration surgery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is directed by Dr. Henrique N. Radwanski, a full member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Signature Dr. Henrique Radwanski

See apresentation on hair loss and modern technique for hair transplantation.

Plastic Surgery

"We, plastic surgeons, recover, remodel and restore as best we can those traces that nature has bequeathed us but that misfortune destroys. It is not that these vestiges represent any advantage to the soul that lives within us, or that we seek to recover them simply out of vanity instead of wanting only to cure the body of disease. We are not charlatans, no, but rather good physicians and followers of the great Hippocrates. We aim, in the end, to let those traces show their beauty, as is the true design of nature."

Gaspare Tagliacozzi, 1597

Hair Restoration

"Hair transplantation surgery has improved tremendously over the past decade. The days of the ‘plugs and corn rows’ are gone and the age of follicular unit grafting has arrived. Through the use of FUT, along with new and improved instrumentation, the accomplished hair transplantation surgeon can create a natural hair appearance that is appropriate for each individual patient. Hair restoration is a complex procedure requiring surgical as well as artistic skill".

I.S.H.R.S (International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery)



  ISHRS Member - International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery