General Considerations

See 3d simulation of the procedure.

Currently, hair restoration surgery can achieve a high degree of natural result. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery considered this procedure "the surgery of the decade", as it showed the most progress in the 1990's. It is one of the most frequently performed operations of an aesthetic nature in the U.S.A., and is gaining great popularity in Brazil. People are becoming aware that they no longer have to fear an artificial result, with the corn-row / doll's hair appearance.

Surgical technique for hair transplantation should take into account the fact that follicles are very delicate, and therefore should be perfectly prepared and transplanted, so as to guarantee survival and, consequently, hair growth. This is known as the follicular unit technique, or FUT. No longer are mechanical devices acceptable (the hand-engine) for preparation of hair plugs, and lasers have been totally abandoned because of the damage caused to the recipient sites.

The dermatological and plastic surgery societies do NOT recommend the use of the hand-engine technique!

Hair physiology

Ciclo biológico do folículo

Recent research on the biology of the hair follicle has permitted the development of the "follicular transplantation" technique, where the unit of hair (called the follicular unit) is transplanted, avoiding the transfer of excess skin, which causes unnecessary fibrosis (scars and the "cobble-stone effect") in the recipient area. The transplanted hair will maintain its genetic characteristics, which means that this is a permanent procedure, with no risk of hair loss or rejection. It has been estimated that this technique assures that follicular survival is over 95%!